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Simon's old look
old Simon
CastleVania 2

by JimW
Simon's new look
new Simon

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New characters!

     Welcome to Super Castlevania 2: The site. This page is dedicated to Super Castlevania 2, an edited version of Castlevania 2 that you can play it on your computer through an emulator. As you can see, I took Castlevania 2 and put in new graphics and text, better colors, and new characters and enemies, all from other well-known Nintendo games.
    If you are new to emulation, go to the Classic Gaming Newbie Guide and read all about what emulation is and how it works. So, head on down this page and experience Castlevania like you've never done before!

Birdo and the Egg Plant Wizard
Here are compare and contrast pictures. On the left is my hack. On the right is the original Castlevania 2. Notice the new ground graphics, the improved colors, and of course the new enemies and new look for Simon.
The original woods with a skeleton and a werewolf
     Hello. If you have ever played Castlevania 2 on Nintendo, you know how addicting it was. The music, the game play, the wide-open world, it all added to the immense popularity of this game. Now, if you have ever heard of emulation, you know how it is possible to play those old cherished games like Castlevania 2 on your computer. If you haven't heard of emulation, go to Classic Gaming Newbie Guide and read all about what emulation is and how it works.

     So, if you know about emulation, then you probably also know about how you are able to alter the game to put in new graphics or translate currently untranslated games. Well, this is MY altered/hacked game. I took Castlevania 2, a game that provided me with many hours of enjoyment in my childhood, and added to it people and enemies and graphics from some of the other great Nintendo games. Currently in Super Castlevania 2 you will find characters like Mario and Luigi, Link, Samus, Kirby, Kid Icarus (Pit), a fighter from Final Fantasy, and Toad. You will also find enemies from many of those same games wandering around. There's also some new text and new colors, and other various changes. Try it out and I think you will agree that this game will stir up emotions of nostalgia and let you re-live, at least for a little while, those days of long ago!

     You will need an emulator to play the game. If you don't already have one you can go to Emulation HQ and find a NES emulator of your choice. In my opinion Nestopia is an excellent emulator. Of course, you will also need the ROM to play the game. Thanks for visiting the site and have fun!