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Enemies in Super Castlevania 2

Dr. Wily!!!
Dr. Wily, the infamous mad scientist from the Mega Man series makes his cameo appearance midway through the game. This one is my favorite of all the new baddies in SCV2. He is specifically from Mega Man 2, right before he transforms into an alien at the end - even though we all know Dr. Wily didn't actually transform into an alien, it was just a mirage that he was controlling. He floats around in the air as he did in Mega Man 2 and when he fires his energy ball(?) his lab coat flips up in the back.
(Dr. Wily replaced the Grim Reaper.)

Zelda 2?
Remind you of Zelda 2? Three of the most recognizable enemies from Zelda 2 are now also in the mansions of my hack. The slimes move a little faster and jump a little higher than they used to. The Iron Knuckles don't use their swords this time around luckily. Of all the enemies in my hack, the Moblins are probably the enemies that move the most like they did in their original game. They move and act remarkably near the same as they used to in Zelda 2.
(The Goblins replaced the armored dudes with the spears, the Iron Knuckles replaced the skeletons, while the slimes replaced the original slimes.)

Metroids from the famous game of the same name
Who doesn't recognize these flying energy sucking machines? (No offense if you don't) These Metroids may seem a little smaller and a little less menacing here, but how could I leave such a well-known enemy out of my hack? They move the same as they used to, pulsating bodies and all. Another one of my favorites of the new enemies.
(The Metroids replaced the floating eyeballs.)

Larry Koopa from SMB3 and Shy Guy from SMB2
The goofball of King Koopa's children, Larry from SMB3, now spits fireballs from his mouth since Mario took away his magic wand. He was one of the more difficult enemies to incorporate. In SMB3, Larry ran around in front of a black background, in effect using the black as an extra color to fill in parts of Larry. Here, I don't have a plain black background, so I did as much as I could to fill in the borders. The other bad guy in this screen shot, Shy Guy, has picked up a little speed since SMB2. Too bad you can't jump on him either!
(Larry replaced the funny looking creatures with two heads. Shy Guy replaced the running animal that looked like a cougar.)

Egg Plant Wizard and Block Dude
Here is the Egg Plant Wizard and one of those block guys from the Mega Man series. If you remember the game Kid Icarus well, you'll notice that the Egg Plant Wizard is a little taller here. I had to do this so that Simon's whip would actually hit him. On the other hand, the block guy, as I call him since I don't know his real name, is shorter than he used to be. In the Mega Man games, he was four block tall, but here I had to limit him to only two. However, those two blocks still shift a little like he originally did.
(The Egg Plant Wizard replaced the Skeletons of the outside world, while the block guys replaced the Mermen.)

Birdo and Egg Plant Wizard
Here is the Egg Plant Wizard again, accompanied by Birdo, the famous and very weak stage ending boss in Super Mario Bros. 2. Birdo doesn't spit eggs anymore, but he has learned how to jump over Simon. (or was Birdo a 'she?' I was never real sure.) If you don't feel like taking the time to whip Birdo, simply run at him without stopping and he will jump over you.
(Birdo replaced those blue werewolves that loved to jump.)