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The gang from SMB2 including Kirby
Mario, Luigi, and Toad are in the wrong sequel! The graphics and colors are exactly the same as SMB2 for Mario and Toad. Unfortunately Luigi has to share the same colors with Toad, so his clothes are changed to blue. Kirby's here too. His colors have to be the same as Simon's, but he still looks pretty close to the original. Kirby was originally supposed to be the Princess from SMB2, but her hair was too big to fit into the tile, so I used Kirby instead. He's so short he doesn't even use the top tile.
Samus from Metroid
Our Metroid fighting hero, Samus, has taken residency in the churches to give Simon the use of her Energy Tanks. If you remember Metroid, you know that the entire game was played with a black background. This enabled the game makers to use that black color in Samus. Nintendo games are only able to use three colors for each sprite, but using the black background gave Samus four. Well, Castlevania 2 doesn't have any black backgrounds, so I had to improvise and outline Samus in blue. With the mostly blue background, I think it turned out well. You'll notice the Energy Tank where the cross used to be.
Link from Zelda 2
Link is another that makes a cameo appearance in Super CastleVania 2. You'll find him in the graveyard, but you have to give up some garlic. Link also lends his sword to Simon since he won't be needing it anytime soon. I took the graphics from Zelda 2, same colors and everything, and took out Link's sword and shield. Since we don't see Link without his sword and shield, I think I did justice to what Link might have looked like without the sword.
A fighter from Final Fantasy
Considering my obsession with the Final Fantasy series, it should not be a surprise that a fighter from the original Final Fantasy shows up in this game. The red-haired stud is trying to find the rest of the Light Warriors and will take Simon across the river in the meantime. If you show him Dracula's tooth, he'll take you to a better place.
Kid Icarus
Kid Icarus is a favorite game among many. I myself have never been a big fan, but since he is so well-known, I had to include the Kid in the game. Unfortunately again, Kid Icarus has to share colors with Simon, making it near impossible to make him look like he used to. The black in the background didn't help either, but I made do with what I had.
Ryan from River City Ransom
Ryan from River City Ransom has taken residency in the mansions, and helps Simon by selling him an oak stake. Too bad he can't lend a fist or two. Since he shares his colors with the enemies in the mansions, his colors change throughout the game. The many colors are good so that the mansions all don't look the same, and I've made sure that Ryan never ends up with green skin or anything like that.
Ryan's brother, Alex, along with Toad
Ryan's brother, Alex, stayed out of the mansions and appears in the towns. He sells Simon various items throughout the game. One of which is the iron knuckles, well-known from River City Ransom, which take the place of the white crystal. Too bad you can't use it to attack the enemies.